Absolute iDD1504 - FAQ

Absolute iDD1504

  1. What is Absolute iDD1504?

    It is an International Direct Dialing service that allows you to make overseas calls from Singapore to more than 200 countries worldwide. 

    You may register your mobile and/or fixed lines for Absolute iDD1504. This service is available to both corporate and personal users.

  2. How to make oversea calls with iDD1504?

    Simply dial from a registered number, 
    1504 > Country code > Area code > Oversea number
    Eg. to call Malaysia, dial 15046022345655
  3. Why do I hear a voice prompt to register my number?

    To make a call with iDD1504, you must register your phone services (fixed line, mobile, fax number) with us. Only after the lines are activated, will you be able to make overseas calls.

    Should you attempt to call using you office PABX system, please ensure that all numbers are registered including your auxiliary lines and DDI or DID number.

  4. What are the advantages to use iDD1504?
  • Crystal, clear voice quality.
  • Competitive rates with up to 90% savings.
  • No registration fees, No Subscription fees.
  • No additional gadget required.


Absolute iDD1504 with Security PIN

  1. Do I need a PIN to use iDD1504?

    No, the pin is optional and will be issued upon request.

  2. What is the purpose of having a PIN?

    The PIN acts as a layer of protection and security to ensure that only authorized users are allowed to make overseas calls. 

    It also helps to track the usage of calls by individual or by departments.  

  3. How do I dial iDD1504 with a PIN?

    Simply dial from a registered line,

    Step 1: Dial 1504 > Country code > Area code > Oversea number
    Step 2: System prompts “ Please key in your PIN”
    Step 3: Key in the PIN assigned


Absolute Fax

  1. What is Absolute Fax?

    Absolute Fax is for you to fax documents from Singapore to an oversea fax number with the same dialing process as Absolute iDD1504. It will be a data transmission instead of a voice call.

    To use the service, simply register your fax number with us.

  2. How do I fax with Absolute Fax?

    Simply dial from a registered fax line,

    1504 > Country code > Area code > Oversea fax number
    Eg. 150460223456588

  3. What are the advantages to use Absolute FAX?
  • Instant, real-time transmission.
  • ​Competitive rates with greater savings.

​Absolute Mobile Callback

  1. What is Absolute Mobile Callback?

    Absolute Mobile Callback is a service for you to save on outgoing calls from your mobile phone. Users who often exceed their outgoing call minutes will enjoy savings with the availability of free-incoming call on your mobile subscription plan.

    Simply by making a call to our system and we will re-connect you to your desired caller by calling back.   

    Mobile numbers that are registered for iDD1504 is allowed to make callback with the same registered mobile phone.

  2. How do I make a Mobile Callback?

    Simply dial:  
  • 6499 1222, call will auto hang up
  • Phone rings, pick up call
  • Enter < Country code >  < Area code >  < Destination number you wish to contact > #

  1. What is Mobile Callback (QuickDial)?

    Mobile Callback (QuickDial) is a value-add feature that allows you to preset the number that you would frequently call using Callback.  It enhances your calling experience such that you do not have to go through a series of dialing procedure.

    Mobile Callback (QuickDial) gives you a pleasant and ease of making phone calls.

  2. How do I use Mobile Callback (QuickDial)?

    Callback (QuickDial) feature will be activated once you make the first callback exceeding more than 5 minutes. When you hang up your first call, you will automatically receive a SMS notification assigning you a <QuickDial #> that you can use for direct callback to the person in future. You may save the <QuickDial #> to your Contact List.

    Steps to dial with QuickDial:
  • Dial the QuickDial #
  • Call auto hangup
  • Phone rings, pick up call & wait to be connected
  1. What are the advantages to use Absolute Mobile Callback?
  • Savings on making out-going local calls
  • Savings on making out-going oversea calls
  • Privacy with anonymous call – This is useful for caller who wants to keep their mobile number confidential. You need not pay monthly subscription to private number
  • feature with your mobile operator

  1. How much savings do I get if I use Absolute Mobile Callback?

    Instead of paying 10.5 cents to 21 cents per minute (depending on individual’s mobile subscriber plan) for local outgoing mobile calls, customers pay only 5.9 cents per minute. 


Registration and Billing

  1. How to register for Absolute iDD1504, Fax, Callback and International Roaming services?

    ​You may download a registration form from our website and fax your registration form to us at Fax: (65) 6516 0973.

Or, activate an Absolute Account with us and register your phone lines online for iDD1504.

Alternatively, call our friendly customer service at Careline: (65) 6493 3733 or email us at Email: sales@absolutetelecom.com.sg