Absolute Prepaid Cards

Absolute Telecom Prepaid Calling Cards

Absolute Telecom has a prepaid calling card to suit all your needs. It allows you to connect from any phones available and requires no registration. Whether you want to reach business associates or friends and family, Absolute Telecom’s state of the art infrastructure together with reliable global connectivity will ensure crystal clear and cost effective IDD services each time, everywhere.


Prepaid International Calling Card

Absolute Telecom Prepaid Calling Cards comes with unique features and fantastic rates to hundreds of destinations. The user friendly features lets you keep in touch with your friends and family anytime you want it. Some of our popular prepaid cards include:


Bicara – Talk Talk Calling Card*

A well-received card for calls to Indonesia, Malaysia, China, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal and many more. Talk Talk card provides good quality and customized low rates to these popular countries. It provides convenient and offers real value-for-money.


My Baby Calling Card*

My Baby calling card is customized for the Indian and Bangladeshi community in Singapore. It offers attractive talk time to these two destinations. My Baby card also caters to nationalities from many other countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, and many more. My Baby card also comes with a callback feature that makes use of your free incoming calls to make an overseas call using My Baby calling card.

*connection charge of up to $0.30 per call applies to selected destinations.


Prepaid International Mobile Reload

Most of our prepaid cards are not just for calling overseas. They come with a unique feature of enabling users in Singapore to reload the credit of an overseas mobile.  Most of our prepaid cards can be used to reload to India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and many more.


Indonesia Reload – Pulsa Indo card

This card is created specifically for the Indonesian community in Singapore. Its sole purpose is to allow customers in Singapore to reload mobile value of their friends and family in Indonesia. This card provides great convenience to the Indonesian community as they need not remit money to Indonesia just to reload the prepaid mobile value of their love ones.